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Is this DCM winner a possible non comm?


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I saw the following man on an online auction

1054 later 280050 Warrant Officer, Richard Davies, Distinguished Conduct Medal, 4th Battalion, the London Regiment, who apparently died in August 1918 of complications caused by wounds that he received in action in 1917 and was discharged as a result. I appreciate that a trawl through service records and a death cert is needed but I was wondering if he is already in the "In from the cold" pipeline? gareth

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If he died after discharge, I'm afraid that's outside the scope of IFTC - we're only dealing with "in service" deaths.

As you say, someone would need to acquire the death certificate to prove the link between cause of discharge and cause of death.


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I remained intrigued by this case so opened the wallet, ducking as the moths flew out, and stumped up for his death certificate.

His pension papers online confirm he had been discharged due to an ampuation of his arm. Richard secured employment as a drill instructor at Colston School, a private school in Bristol, established in 1710 and still in existance. He died on 3 August 1918 from pneumonia and influenza.

No further action needed by IFCP.

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