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1928 famous Hollywood movie featuring Russia and WWI

John Gilinsky

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The above is a copied and pasted URL to a Youtube segment from the American (Hollywood) 1928 movie starring Emil Jannings as a Grand Duke and commander of the Imperial Russian army on the Eastern Front in WWI. Jannings won the FIRST Academy Award (OSCAR) in the category of BEST ACTING for his part in this movie. The movie is quite well done (being directed by Josef von Sternberg!) and is fascinating as being made with former Imperial officers inlcluding at least one former Russian general, viz. General Wietshelav Savitsky. The script was based on the true story of a Russian general emigre who arrived penniles in the USA General Lodijenski.

Does anyone know ANYTYHING more about the biographies, photos, histories and eventual fates of either Generals Savitsky or Lodijenski?

Definitely worth watching. Major segments have been uploaded to Youtube but apparently NOT the full movie.




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This film is famous! Won the FIRST EVER Academy Award for Best Acting by Emil Jannings as an émigré Russian General playing himself in an American movie in Hollywood in the late 1920s!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6YrAGVHE9A This Youtube copy is probably better quality and more reliable.

Check out Wikipedia for some incredible real life mirrored in art/film and vice versa!

Ivan [ aka John ]

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Other films about Russia during the WW I period on youtube:


Nicholas and Alexandra (parts)

Romanovs an Imperial Family

The Fall of Eagles (miniseries)

Lenin in 1918


Battleship Potemkin

Rasputin Dark Servent of Destiny

White Sun of the Desert

October Ten Days that shook the World (Note: there is a joke that more people were hurt during the filming of this movie than in the real October/November 1917 revolution)

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