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Langemarck Cemetery - Werner Voss' name on the memorial


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Can I ask a question relating to Langemarck please. I was under the impression that the men listed on the memorial at Langemarck are those who have been identified as being interred in the Kameradengrab (Comrades Grave)

However, I believe that Werner Voss' name is listed there - but his body was never found (or if it was, it was subsequently lost). Is this true? If so, is this a special case, or are other "unknowns" listed there?



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It's my understanding that the VDK believe Voss is buried in the Kamaradengraben. I have heard the story that Voss was lost - am sure a member of this forum claims they know where his aircraft/body is actually buried?

Considering the names that surround the Kamaradengraben were only put up in the 1980s, then I can only presume VDK are pretty sure?

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If you go here I have a few shots of Langemark from a 2007 visit. I have some more hidden away somewhere as well. Ignore the ones with the bag in, its a long story and not appropriate in this discussion. Obviously the one of Werner Voss is on one of the 'tablet' memorials and the 'highlighting was done by someone who visited previous to us.



ps I think Jon Saunders and Freddy 1914-18 may be able to add to Voss's story.

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