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Service Records on Ancestry - List of Unknowns 161 Images


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I have just finished trawling through 161 pages of "Images" in the "Unknown" section- Service Records - on Ancestry.

I have indexed each individual image / page and put this into a 7 page word document, which is attached.

It is only an index to the relevant "images" but may be of use.

Specific Names Mentioned:

• Henry Lawrence Jaaffe

• AJE Gilbert

• Pte S(amuel) Gent

• Stanley Henry Gent

• William Gray

• James William Green

• William John Harvey

• Lindsay ?Harvey

• Harry Lindsay

• Harry Henry Lindsay

• George Mardling

• Thomas Murtagh

• Fraser TA

• TG Fraser

• Thomas Fraser

• William Dalby

• Albion Edward Dovey

• AE Dovey

• Edward Albion Dovey

• Alexander Dovey

Most of the images were illegible, but some pages can be made out.

Hope some of you may find it of use.



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Thank you Susan.

Excellent stuff.

Although none have turned out to be applicable to my research I appreciate the time you have saved me in trawling these images in order to find that out.


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Glad to be of assistance. I did wonder if I should have posted this elsewhere, but now don't know how to move it anyway.


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Thank you Susan

None of them are "mine", but thanks for so much effort.


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Well done Susan, did you go to Specsavers for another pair.

Cheers Roger.

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I flippin' need to now!

Wish they had a "brainsavers!" - that has completely gone futt.

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