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Hi Pals

:huh: I have two of my guys who died in Chester of wounds received and their CWGC record shows their Unit text as "No 3 Depot".

Can anyone enlighten me what this refers to - would it be something like a token transfer because of their wounds?

For the record they are:

CSM J W T Francis, and

Pt. C Nuttall.

Many thanks


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The 3rd (Special Reserve) Battalion was stationed in Birkenhead and other areas of Wirral throughout the war, and in Bidston they took over Gamlins Furniture Depot for HQ stores, recruits and training staff. I wonder if your men were assigned to this unit, perhaps?

SDGW shows them both as serving with the 1st Battalion

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As far as I'm aware the 3rd Battalion didn't leave England but acted as a feeder Battalion to the others. I have the medals to a chap who started his military life in the 3rd Battalion but was transfered to the Waricks when en route to France. His medals state Cheshire Regiment as do various records. I assume this is because this was his first Regiment/Battalion even though he didn't actually serve ovrseas with them.

If SDGW has them down for the 1st Battalion then I would imagine they were transfered and killed whilst serving with them.

This is of assuming No 3 Depot relates to the 3rd Battalion ?


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