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West Yorkshire Regiment - Experts Sought


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Would an expert on the West Yorkshire Regiment be able to tell me the following -

1)what battalion the following officer served in -

- 26 October 1916, page 10402 – ‘ W. York. R. Temp Maj. H H Kennedy (Capt. Sea. Highrs) to be temp. Lt-Col. while comdg. a Bn. 2 July 1916.’ (SLG)

- 21 March 1917, page 2834 – ‘W. York. R. Temp Maj. H H Kennedy (Capt. Sea. Highrs) relinquishes the actg. rank of Lt-Col. on ceasing to comd. a Bn. 30 Jan. 1917.’ (SLG)

- 22 May 1917, page 5014 – ‘W. York. R. Capt. H H Kennedy (Capt. Sea. Highrs)relinguishes the temp. rank of Maj. on ceasing to be empld. with a Bn. 6 Mar. 1917.’ (SLG)

Seems he was Lt Col/May between 2 July 1916 and 6 March 1917 - based on above is there any written history of that battalion??

His service papers have not survived at Kew. Any information welcome.



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Hello Stuart,

He was in command of 1st Bradford Pals, otherwise 16th West Yorkshire Regiment, and gets very brief mention in Wyrall's history of the regiment. He took over the battalion following the death of Lt Col Guyon and held command until after the Rossignol Wood operation.



ps I'm no expert!l

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Humphrey Heyes Kennedy was born 19/1/1892, and entered the regular army from the militia, (fighting in South Africa 1901-2) commissioned 2Lt with the Seaforth Highlanders 28/1/03. He was a Lt when war broke out (promoted 1/4/08). He had been with the West Africa Frontier Force 5/6/12-13/8/14/ He was a captain 9/11/14, then temp Major with the West Yorks 3/12/15-5/3/17. He was Temp Lt-Col 2/7/16-29/1/17, the returned to the Seaforths, being temp Major 7/10/17. He was CO of the 8th Seaforths (acting Lt-Col) 8/10/17 until 29/7/18 when he was KIA at Chazelle Noyant.


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Theres two books on the Bradford Pals one by Ralph Hudson one by David Raw.He gets a few mentions in Hudsons but i dont have Raws to Hand.

Well liked and respected...moved to 6th Batt Scottish Rifles Jan 1917.


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