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Remembered Today:

Dvr. 1747 Robert Moss

Sue S

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I know that this is probably a 'needle in a haystack' job but this Forum has come up trumps so many times that it would be silly of me not to ask. I am hoping to discover something of the service of Driver 1747 Robert Moss RFA but all I know at the moment is the information on his MIC and the fact that he may have come from the North Staffordshire area. I have not attempted to make an attachment to a post before and so if this message appears without the MIC bear with me while I try again. Thanks. Sue


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It might be possible to narrow it down to one of the four Divisions locating in France for the first time in November 1915 as your man is shown as first into that Theatre on 23 Nov 1915:

30 Division were all settled in by 12th.

32 Division shipped out during November,but no date shown in the Long Long Trail.

33 Division settled in between 12th and 21st.

38 Division settled in between 21 November and 6 December.

It is of course possible that he shipped out as a replacement and not as a memeber of a full Division moving to France for the first time.

You might like to check if there was a 1917 re-numbering as the second number on his MIC, 740972,is that sort of number and it may give you a unit,just as the original Medal Roll for the 1915 Star might show a unit too. THe British War and Victory Medal Roll almost certainly won't.


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