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and the detonator box



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Uncle Bill

Excellent pictures thanks for posting them. I am very much interested in any ration box pictures as that was to be my next project, the kids in schools always want to see “stuff” and the more the better.



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In Post #14 I think that you will fine the joint is called "Corner Locking Joint". Its a machine made joint, relying on glue for its strengfh. It is made on an attachment to a vertical spindle moulder. It has been associated with the manufacture of boxes and instrument cases, and also with shop-fitting. It does not usually feature in builders joinery, but provided its appearance were acceptable there seems to be no reason why it should not be used as a cheaper alternative to a dovetail joint.


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Thank you very much, John.

I (at last!) now know the name of the joint.


Chris Henschke

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