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Hi there,

I'm after the MIC for PTE William Entwistle 22903 East Lancashire Reg, there are also supposed to be a vast amount of his service records on line, or so I have been told.

I would be so grateful if they could be e-mailed to me.


Many thanks.


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Finding the MIC was a bit of a work-up as the transcriber of the record has made a new Regiment called the EST Lancashire !

Your man was first into Theatre of war in France on 17 Dec 1915,so just made the entitlement to the 1914-15 Star in List No H/1/51B3 page 107,and then the British War and Victory Medals in List No H/1/102B17 page 3602.

From the date into Theatre his battalion can be narrowed down to one of four in France in Dec 1915,1st,2nd,7th and 8th. You can get which Battalion by relating the above medal issues to the original Medal Roll at Kew,which is in the WO329 series.but someone needs to look up indexes at Kew to find the correct WO329 ledgers to look in.


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You can get this of Ancestry.



Name: William Entwistle

Age: 27

Birth Year: abt 1888

Residence : 132 Sough Road, Darwen

Regiment Name: East Lancs Reg??

Regiment Number: 22903

Document Year: 1915

Number of Images: 28

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Looks like when he got out he moved to

53 Sarah St Darwen


Posted 10th East Lancs July 1915

Posted 7th in the field.

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7th Battalion was part of 56 Brigade of 19 Division. See this from Long Long Trail,top left of this page:


You can read of the day-to-day activity from the Bn War Diary at Kew under WO95/2079,which runs from Jul 1915 to Jan 1918.


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