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Hospital record decoding


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Whilst researching my family tree i have come across the service records of a distant relative. I have attached a copy of one page from this record. It shows he was in Hospital in Le Touquet in Aug/Sept 1917. He was in the RGA (274 SB 19 Div) and I am having trouble working out what the wording means.

GSW (gun shot wound?!) III I neck IX H (???) Tibia and fibula s wd (serious wound????!!).

Not sure what this means. I have had a guess at some of the annotaions but am unsure if the roman numerals denote position of wound or severity?! From the attached note can anyone help? I have a copy of the full hospital record but i would have to compress it and make it quite small (which would probably make it even more illegible). Am willing to share it if it will help!

Many thanks in advance



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If you do a search on


then open the posting "Wound classification"

and all will be revealed

gun shot wound III i neck IX (unreadable) next of kin informed 25/9/17

tibia shrapnel wound officer commanding 8 RC (Record Centre?)

Hospital Le Touquet reports 19/9/17


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Thank you for your help. Still trying to work out how to find the answers i need without asking questions that have already been asked!!

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Hi Jo

I tried searching for the link and here it is [and very helpful too. Thanks Joe]

I have a listing with other codes on it:

Wounded B2L Slight

Wounded B7 Severe

Wounded A2 Dangerous

Would anyone have the decoding list available please?

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