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I have looked on the LLT and cannot seem to find the answer, so I'm hoping someone will be able to tell me.

My grandfather has 2 regiments on his medal card Northumberland Fusiliers number 43528 then York L.I. 36044. I know he was in the Yorks L.I. in July 1918 because he was awarded the D.C.M. for his action in the July. He would have been 19 in May 1917.

My question is: Because he has 2 numbers does it mean that he actually served overseas with the NF or just enlisted with them and was transferred straight away before going overseas as per family story?

Also can anyone tell from the NF number what battalion he was in?

Thank you Pam

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Pam.Could have been wounded and upon recovery been posted to the Y L I, or his North Fusilier Batt so badly decimated that the survivors were posted to other regiments who were down on their strength. Ralph.

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Brave man. "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in a raid. He led his party to their objective over 600 yards from his lines without being observed by the enemy. Thanks to his splendid leadership the raid was a complete success. He was wounded early in the fight, but carried on, and was wounded again in the withdrawal." L/G 29-10-1918 36044 Cpl T Mckenzie.

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Thank you raydee, yes very brave, you never find these things out 'till it's too late, he was in WW2 as well, spent many years as a POW after being captured en masse at St. Valery with the 51st Highland Division.

You wonder how men who have fought in WW1 and seen terrible things, then POW WW2 can be so "normal" he was just my Grandad, he was such a lovely man.

So my Grandad did serve abroad with the N.F. more research needed then!, such a shame Glasgow have "lost" his WW1 records, they said his WW1 records should have been with his WW2 records, I'm still hoping they will turn up somewhere.

Thank you again for your reply


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