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There is a great site that many of you should visit if you are interested in classic novels, books and narrations from the Great War. I found it one day, quite by accident, and now I use if regularly.

The site is a great data base of books that are free of copyright and have been narrated so they are in MP3 format. You download the book, put it on any one of thousands of MP3 players .... and away you go! I use them daily now to kill the boredom of my hour at the gym. No more music - now great stories!

The whole system is a VOLUNTEER organization and there are hundreds of books but I have only been looking for the books of the Great War. Many of these are of the BRITISH forces and today I just finished listening to 11 chapters of "Kitchener's Mob". I have listened to 3 others as well and they are all great.

Their main web site is here:


If you want to take a short cut, I have started to compile a list of books of the Great War that are in the various categories of:

- been recorded

- proposed for recording

- projects underway

- possible future projects

I have listed those here on my DOT TEL web site:


so just look at the various categories.

If you want to go just to the ones that are available now, these are the ones I am listening to:


If you have suggestions for other books (that means OUT OF COPYRIGHT so pre-1923) then let me know and I will add them to the list. If you want to help by submitting books, reading books, checking readings, or other aspects - go to the main web site and join.

Any questions, just ask. It is a great and worthwhile project for all of us in this field of interest.

Richard of Canada


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Got to give this a try. Thank you so much.


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