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Anyone going to...the Ardennes?


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though a number of pals have been kind enough to take photos for me in the battlefield or base/hospital areas of the Western Front, I still need a few from further-flung areas of France. So, just in case someone is holidaying in that direction, can I mention that I have one casualty buried at:

RETHEL French National Cemetery, in the Ardennes, 36 Km northeast of Rheims

and will be pleased to post details in the event of a response.


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I offer my services to take photos in all the Ardennes (Rethel, Sedan Torcy, ...), at the end of February 2011.

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Bonjour Signy,

and thank you for responding to my request posted in 2009!

At Rethel French National Cemetery I would like a picture of the following grave please:

JONES, H. 203964 Private, 9th Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Died 4 June 1918 aged 20. Grave reference 1725.

Hugh Jones came from the parish of Llanbeulan in central Anglesey, North Wales, and is one of only two men from that place who died in the First World War. He was a prisoner of war, and his battalion the 9th had many men captured in the German offensive on the Aisne in May 1918.

If I might ask please for a fairly high-resolution image of the stone, so that the lettering can be easily read.

I do not have any other requests in the Ardennes area - the next nearest one is 60km south of Reims at Sezanne - but possibly other Forum members may have requests if you can fulfil those.

Merci beaucoup,


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I live in the south of Reims near Epernay and I can take photos in the Marne during school holidays (I am a teacher )..... if it is not very urgent .....;)

Give me your informations.

It's ok for a fairly high-resolution image of the stone. I always do. I also photograph for Forum 14-18 members.


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