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Battlefield Touring,where has it gone?


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From a personal Diary

5th November 1914.

"Whilst the transport was being loaded we just wandered about the yard.Outside the gates,the local youngsters were milling about offering to get things,even offering the offering the services of their sisters.I wanted some bread so I asked a wee boy who said he would get me some.I gave him my half crown and this wee character set off across the road and disappeared round the building.I said to myself "I wonder if he will come back",and just at that he looked back and thumbed his nose at me.He was gone."

Picture the scene,a Brit Car arrives in a car park in Boulogne,and the driver is not sure whether he has to pay.In intervening period an enterprising person guides same car into parking spot and once car is safely parked,looks into car body and espies loose change.Driver is grateful, he has parked safely and offers 2 Euros but "parking assistant" wants more.Luckily there was another 2 Euro coin in car,so we left each other happily.

Whilst walking round Boulogne,there is a Family begging,whether the Father needed the push chair is open to question as is, was it the Wife or Daughter naturally feeding the baby?.I assume they had a permit from the Police to be there,just as I would presume similar Families,book their pitch,via the Police. in London.

I really hope that the Lad who guided me into the bay,and was fed and watered at my expense makes his way to UK,rather than the professional beggars.

Welcome to France,or should I say Battlefield touring.


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