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Remembered Today:

National Peace Celebrations, 19th July 1919

Brian Curragh

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And as the 100th Anniversary approaches,

100 years ago today the Government provided a statement outlining the arrangements at St Paul's Cathedral



As it is the Centenary perhaps we can resurrect this earlier thread, how did your town and village celebrate? (Previous contributions acknowledged)


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I just wrote this up for the local Nostalgia page. There’s a lot more detail but I only had 400 words!


“In recent years the people of Petersfield have united on many occasions for festivals, commemorations and Jubilees, but this is by no means a new phenomenon. On July 19th 1919, Peace Day was celebrated. A national Bank Holiday marking the official end of the Great War, it was a day of great rejoicing not dampened by heavy showers.


“The streets were spanned with flags of all descriptions…Private houses and shops were decorated”

(Hants and Sussex News)


At 12 noon, 170 older people, including the able-bodied inmates of the Union Workhouse, were given a hot dinner at the Drill HallThose who were unable to attend had their dinners delivered.


At 2pm there was a large gathering in the Square, with the singing of the National Anthem, several hymns and patriotic songsAfter the ceremony a procession departed to the Heath led by the band of the 6th Hants RegtDue to the heavy rain the children’s picnic tea was held in the Corn Exchange rather than by the lake.


A programme of races on the Heath included a slow bicycle race (ladies), wheelbarrow

(boys), 220 yards (ex-service men), and egg and spoon (ladies). A gymkhana, including tent-pegging, lemon-cutting, and the cigar and umbrella race, was attended by a great many people once the rain cleared.


At 7pm 350 demobilised soldiers sat down to an excellent meal at the Drill HallMr Jacobs said it was his pleasure as Chairman of the Urban Council to say how glad they were to offer them all a most warm welcome home. He thanked them one and all for their service for King and Country.


Major Radwell responded, thanking the people of the town, saying that through the dark days of danger those at home had not forgotten themThe guests rose and gave three hearty cheers for the inhabitants of Petersfield, Mr Jacobs and all those who had provided such a magnificent reception.

The company then enjoyed a smoking concert lasting until 10pm, during which the men were freely suppliedwith drinks and smokes.


Elsewhere, there was dancing at the Corn Exchange,and once the weather cleared in the evening several hundred people made their way to the Heath for a carnival. The youngsters made merry around a bonfire organised by Scoutmaster Dickens, their flares and torches illuminating the lake. As a finale there was adisplay of fireworks which continued until midnight.”


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5 hours ago, kenf48 said:

As it is the Centenary perhaps we can resurrect this earlier thread, how did your town and village celebrate?


I'm pretty sure this picture is the Peace Day celebrations outside the Guildhall Winchester.

The clothing is too lightweight to be the Armistice or 1918 General Election.

It looks similar to pictures of the tank presentation in May 1919 but the people are stood where the tank was and looking in the opposite direction.





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Here's something else I've had a for few years.

It's about 15mm diameter.

Appears to have been awarded for some sort of games...?







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 It's quite interesting. I  have a collection  of some  forty odd peace mugs, some for  commercial purposes others for local interest.   Medallions were also produced by local authorities to celebrate the end of the war.  I'm sure that there are many on here that have similar collections.





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