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Ulster Tower Exploitation?


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Just back from a weeks walking trip based in Albert. The highlight of the trip as many of you predicted was Teddy Coligans tour of Theipval Woods. It was one of the best short tours I have been on and he gave a clear and riveting explanation of the battle showing us the restored trenches. However one thing did strike me. A tour operator brought a coach of people on the trip. When the tour was over we were all asked if we would like to make a small donation in the box at the last trench. Many people did. However instead of allowing the coach party the opportunity go back to the centre and buy a cup of tea or some books which would bring income to the charity the bus was brought to the edge of the road beside the trench and they were whisked off. Is this fair play? or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

ps I have no association with the organisation.


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I was there on the 30th June and there were a couple of coach loads of people on Teddy's tour which by the way was excellent.

Although the bus picked them up at the entrance to the wood they had been at the tower for about half an hour before and had purchased refreshments and souveniers beforehand.


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Perhaps the group had already visited the tower earlier, and were unable for some reason to join a tour of the trenches then. So they arranged to come back later. I don't think it's fair to comment without knowing the full circumstances.

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