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City/county Of London Yoemanry


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Hello Everyone,

This is my first posting on this site.

I recently bought three WWI war medals at an antique shop.

The 1914-15 Star

The War Medal

The Victory Medal.

The 1914-15 Star is named to

2121 Pte W H Kemm. C of Lond Yeo

The other two are to

2124 Pte W H B Kemm. C of Lond Yeo

Would anyone be able to tell me is this City or County of London, and would anyone have any ideas about the identity of the (possibly)

two W Kemms. Are they the same person or brothers or what?

I did not get any provenance with the purchase.

Anyway thanks for your time



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According to 'Army List 1914' London Yeomanry had 4 Regiments of which 1 was City (Rough Riders) and 3 were Counties:

1st County of London (Middlesex Duke of Cambridge's Hussars)

2nd County of London (Westminster Dragoons)

3rd County of London (Sharpshooters).

A look on 'Soldiers died' cdrom didn't get any result so they certainly did survive the war.

Other people on this DF will certainly know more about the relation between the medals.


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'C of Lond Yeo', in my lisy of abbreviations, is County of London Yeomanry.

As for the names and numbers you will have to check (unless anyone else can offer another course) with the Medal Index Cards for both men & numbers to see if you can find a link.


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Jacky and Lee,

Thanks for the information re County of London Yeomanry.

Living in Australia makes it hard to access the records in London, I will get myself organised one day and get a researcher to do some research for me.

Thanks again


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