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Great War Handbook

Paul Reed

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Just got a copy of this. It's an excellent piece of work by Geoff Bridger (best known as the editor of SDGW CD Rom project), and covers a multitude of areas, often in some depth. Those new to researching the Great War will find this of some interest, and I am sure some old hands will have a use for it, too. The book covers many areas newcomers find confusing, such as army organisation and terminology. Not sure why something similar has never been published before!

The official blurb reads:

Geoff Bridger's The Great War Handbook answers many of the basic questions newcomers ask when confronted by this enormous and challenging subject - not only what happened and why, but what was the Great War like for ordinary soldiers who were caught up in it. He describes the conditions the soldiers endured, the deadly risks they ran, their daily routines and the small roles they played in the complex military machine they were part of. His comprehensive survey of every aspect of the soldier's life, from recruitment and training, through the experience of battle and its appalling aftermath, is an essential guide for students, family historians, teachers and anyone who is eager to gain an all-round understanding of the nature of the conflict. His authoritative handbook gives a fascinating insight into the world of the Great War - it is a basic reference book that no student of the subject can afford to be without.

The Great War Handbook

A Guide for Family Historians & Students of the Conflict

Foreword by Correlli Barnett


ISBN: 9781844159369

Published: 17 June 2009

£19.99 (but on offer on both P&S website and Amazon - am presuming there is still an Amazon link that helps this site, still?)


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Am presuming there is still an Amazon link that helps this site, still?)

There certainly is Paul - the link is in my signature. We'll see if we can give it more prominence


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