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Pte. James William Savery


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Hi all,

I've been away from this forum for a while, so I realise that things have moved on since the last time I was here.

If the James W.Savery that I found in the medal records is in fact my grandfather, it would be nice to know a little more than is on those records.

Medal card of Savery, James W

Corps Regiment No Rank

Royal Berkshire Regiment 43370 Private

Hampshire Regiment 010118 Private

My father seems to think that his dad didn't serve in the army until the end of the war and that he went to Egypt and France. He can also remember a photo of his dad dressed in his army uniform wearing shorts. As he was born in 1899, then the end of the war would tally, but which of these regiments would have been in Egypt and France?

We would be happy if anyone could fill us in on a few other details.



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I thought that it might be a good idea to clarify my question.

Although on the face of it, the name on the medal records does seem to be my grandfather, there were several other soldiers with the name: James Savery.

I know that second name initials were not always used in WW1 records.

Therefore it would be reassuring if someone could provide some kind of evidence of which one of these names belongs to my grandfather.

Also he was living in Coventry at that time, so Berkshire or Hampshire did not seem so logical.

I’d be glad of any help on this.



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Hi Tony

Not sure how much logic came into it. One of my grandfathers joined the Cheshire Regt. the other the Lincolnshire - when the Notts & Derby Barracks was only just up the road! <_<


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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks Graham, that seems pretty fair comment.

I agree with you that as the war went on, logic hardly figured in the selection of regiments at all and making it difficult for me to draw any definite conclusion on this.



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If it is of any help the following battalions of the Royal Berks, and Hants Regts. served overseas:-

2/4th Royal Hampshire(TF) served in India and then to Egypt in 1917. In 1914 the 1/6th, R.Hampshire (TF) went to India and later in Mesopotamia. 15th R>Hants in 41 Division served in Italy from November 1917 until March/April 1918.

4hth Royal Berks(TF) served on the Italian front with 48 Div.

5th Royal Berks TF served at Gallipoli in 1915 then Egypt and Palestine. The 7th Royal Berkshire and the 12th Royal Hampshires served together in 26 Division in Salonika and Macedonia. Just a start for you.

Tony P

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