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Remembered Today:

George Trine DCM. HLI --> OBLI

Spud Trevor

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I'm wondering if anybody can help me make sense of this chap. Its a little complicated with some contradictory info and its puzzled me. If I list what I've found and my thoughts, maybe someone could agree / disagree, or give me a pointer.

The chap in question is 10497 Corporal George Trine DCM.

CWGC record him as serving with the 1st BN HLI attd to the 1st OBLI.

Died 14/09/1917

Remembered Baghdad (North Gate) Cemetery.

Ada Bazar Mem 146 - This I believe is somewhere on the Sea of Marmara.

SDGW (not Ancestry) simply show 1st Bn HLI

Killed in Action 14/09/1917

Theatre of War India

I've searched the London Gazette for any details of his DCM and have found the following.

19/10/1916 MiD. Recommended by Maj.Gen Townshend for distinguished service during defence of Kut-Al-Amarah.

12/12/1917 DCM gazetted - but no citation.

What would people conclude from this ? I presume SDGW is incorrect with India and probably the killed in action ?

My thoughts are that he was captured at Kut, and died as a PoW the following year, hence the Ada Bazar memorial.

If this was the case given the London Gazette dates, does it mean he was also awarded the DCM for Kut, but it was simply gazetted 14 months after the MiD, or is there another explanation which could also possibly explain the SDGW killed in action ?

Is it possible to find a DCM citation if not recorded in the London Gazette ?

Any thoughts welcomed.

I'd like to get it right, so I can understand and then summarise his service accurately.



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He has two MICs - one gives the OBLI attached HLI and the other just HLI, so probably also why SDGW just mentions HLI.

I think he is only commemorated on the Ada Bazar memorial in the Baghdad North gate Cemetery?

And my guess about India is that his battalion were attached to the Indian Army in their expeditionary force in (the then) Meopotamia, so SDGW looks to be incorrect concerning his entry.

Have you tried a regimental museum concerning citations?

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I agree with Ian. As the Mespot campaign was operated by the Indian Army it was likely to cause some confusion in the paperwork.

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Ian, Per Ardua,

Thank you for your input. So the possible sequence of events may be correct, but the suggestion is he was attached to the Indian army, which caused some confusion in the paperwork.

Thanks for your help,



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Battalions of British troops served with the Indian Army as a standard part of their order of battle. Problems no doubt occured when clerks who didn't know the system got involved in the administration.

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