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I am not looking for someone to avail of the National Archives resources....I was just wondering where, in England, one could find physical information on the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. I searched the National Archives online and came up with medal rolls but there seems to be no mention of copies of war diaries or reports 'from the field'. Being that it was a colony I would think that anything related to the Regiment would have been archived in England. I know that some information is available from the Canadian archives ( as yet not available online ) and I think I've gotten all I could from the provincial archives. Just wondering where else to look and I'm sure that the forum users in England have found some places one from Newfoundland would never think to look.

thanks (and still in awe of the Forum's knowledge base),


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There are two War Diaries in the Kew Catalogue:

WO95/2308 refers to the Newfoundland Regiment when it was part of the British 29 Division from March 1916 to August 1918,and,

WO95/1775 refers to the Royal Newfoundland Regiment when it was part of British 9 Division from Sept 1918 to March 1919.

Best wishes


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What exactly are you looking for on the regiment? The Provincial Archives has a massive amount of info. There are to collections that deal with the Government and Patriotic Association side of things. I have spent quite some time with these collections and they have a wealth of info, predominantly on the homefront but there are also numerous reports/ telegrams/ letters, etc dealing with the regiment in Europe. As well there are numerous collections of individualds that have personal diaries, field manuals, field notebooks,letters, etc. As well, a few years ago they recived all service records for the regiment. These things are not on line yet and I'm unsure when or if they will be. Also there is an archives in the Queen Elizibeth II Library at Memorial University that has a number of collections of individuals that contain a range of things from journals, letters, postcards, and uniform items.

You can also get in contact with the regimental museum in St. John's and see what they have in their collection/archives. You should be able to find the contact info for the museum on line, or by calling the regiment. There is a wealth of info here in St. John's in a multitude of archives, the unfortunatethins is that most of it is not online.


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