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William Neame ASC


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Good evening all (well it is here!)

I just need a little assistance with some of the info on the MIC. There appears to be some reference to Kings Regulations and the other query is his service number prefix. I've never seen this format for ASC before - does the SR refer to Specialist Reserve. Thanks to all in advance.


David :D


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Norman Holding's More Sources of WW1 ARMY ANCESTRY has:

S/1SR } New Army (?) Special Reserve

S/2SR } Supply.

I realise the forward slash is differently placed on the MIC.


Retd. (1743 K R 1912) 8163/adt

Googling found:

'Kings Regulations (1912) para 1743 which states:

"Medals which, at the end of 10 years, still remain unclaimed, will be sent to ... the deputy director of ordnance stores. Royal Dockyard (Medal Branch), Woolich ... to be broken up."'




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S2 would suggest 2nd New Army (2nd 100,000 volunteers) and SR would be Special Reserve. The terms of service for the SR was for 6 years with an option to extend for another 4 years and they had to re-enlist on an annual basis. Many SRs became time expired during the war and promptly re-enlisted.

Kath has the KRs, the 8163/adt is the bit which tells us that the medals were returned for 'adjustment' to the name/rank/number etc, but it then looks like they were returned again possibly because the recipient had moved and no further contact could be made.

cheers, Jon

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Hi Kath and Jon,

many thanks to you both for your replies. I never stop learning on this forum. I should note that I have recently acquired Williams pair so he must have eventually received them, correct? Also the prefix on the medals have no forward slashes, just S2SR-04596. Hope this adds a little more.



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