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HMS Apollo ... plus indecipherable word


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This is an extract from the service record of a rating of the RNVR. It is between two periods with Victory. Can anyone please tell me what the word in quotes might be?


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I'd go with "Scourge" - one of the 4TH DESTROYER FLOTILLA, based at DEVONPORT in November 1918 : (Faulknor Achates Contest Garland Hardy Midge Owl Porpoise Spitfire Nereus Oberon Onslow Oracle Oriole Orpheus Pasley Laertes Lance Laurel Laverock Lennox Leonidas Liberty Lochinvar Loyal Lysander Lookout Minion Narwhal Nepean Nerissa Morning Star Nizam Norseman Obdurate Obedient Oriana Osiris Rival Bulldog Harpy Mosquito Savage Grasshopper Scorpion Scourge).

This seems to have used HMS Apollo as a depot ship - see also HMS Drake and HMS Pincher - William Wheelhouse in the Great War



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Thank you. Never in a million years would I have guessed "scourge" from that writing, but your explanation certainly makes sense.

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