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Pte 1895 Duncan Anderson Irvine 1/6th Black Watch 03/04/1916


SDGW Killed in Action.

From People'sJournal dated 15/4/1916

Pte Duncan Irvine Black Watch has been killed by a shell. Writing home an Aberfeldy member of same Bn says " I am sorry to tell you that Duncan Irvine was killed last night by a trench mortar shell. From what I am told, the shell penetrated the dug out in which two of them were sleeping, and both were instantly killed."


Bn Diary says two men killed on the 2nd April by TM. ( it is 1916 diary, author has written 1915 )

On the 3d, there is 1 casualty.


CWGC says 3 men killed on the 3/4/1916.

Pte Irvine and a Pte Peter MacGregor are dated as 3/4/1916 as is a Pte 3261 H M Kelly.

Pte Irvine and MacGregor would have known each other, coming from villages 6 miles apart, and am wondering if it would be possible to prove they died together.

Also, is the CWGC date of death wrong for two men?

Cheers Mike

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Hi Mike

If you read the Bn Diary. it shows the date but not the time, Whether the incident happened after 12 midnight or not we will never know. But if the bn diary is running in order of events, the last time shown is where the field guns and Howitzers continued heavy fire until 11pm.

I understand the fustration as I had a grand uncle showing on CGWGc and SDGW that he was killed on the 16th Aug 1916 but according to the Bn diary 2 ORs were KIA on the 15th Aug but reported casualties on the 16th Aug.

Best of luck


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Thanks Mick.

I don't suppose it really matters about the date. I would be really interested to know if these two men were together when they died. If I knew the date of Pte Kelly's death, I could prove if they were together. At the moment, there are 3 possibilities.

Cheers Mike

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Not necessarily, Steve. It'll only say what was submitted by the army, which may be the same (or not) as what the army submitted for the burial records.

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Thanks Steve, and John.

I will order the death cert. I ordered one before for a family member, and it really didn't give me any more than I'd found out from other sources.

It may help. Quite possibe that we will never know for certain.

Cheers Mike

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Can anyone direct me to a cheaper/better site for obtaining a death cert than this


Or is this ok?

Cheers Mike


It is though the accepted proof of death.


GRO ref -

Irvine, Duncan A, Pte, R.H. year 1916 , volume I. 1. Page 248.

Think they are about £7.50 with ref.



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