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tankcrews in the Salient ?


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for the inauguration of the tank memorial on october 10th 2009 we would like to invite families of crewmembers of the tanks

that fought in the Ypres Salient. Besides that these families may have very valuable information for researching further on the

fate of this tanks and their crews in the Flanders mud. But we can also point them sometimes to the very place where there grand(grand)father

or uncle was involved, wounded or killed and sometimes buried or remembered.

Maybe some of you on this list might be able to make this happen ? But you are also very welcome to Poelkapelle on the weekend of 10-11 october.

Have a look at :

www.p1917a.blogspot.com about the tankbuildingproject

http://www.tankmemorial.vpweb.co.uk/ about the inauguration of a tankmemorial in my village Poelkapelle

http://www.tankmemorial.blogspot.com/ about the constructio of the tankmemorial

thanks and who knows we might meet sometime in the tankfields of Flanders

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