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GPS coordinates


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Is there, or does someone out there in the ether have, a list of the GPS coordinates of CWGC cemeteries for the GW in France and Belgium?

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Sean, have a look here:


there should be some info - I downloaded WW1 points of interest for a tomtom from here:


as mentioned in post #4, which was very useful.

I'm not sure if there are gps co-ordinates (as opposed to tomtom or other satnav POI) mentioned in the thread above as it was a while since I needed the info, and it is past my bedtime so I'll let you have a look. I hope it will get you started though.


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Bruce's little 'programme' (as in the first link above) is excellent - used it last year and it took me righ to the door (so to speak) each and every time.

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