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Hello, I'm trying to determine the proper osd cap to go with two of my uniform groupings. The first is for Lt. Col. Tryote-Bullock 7/SLI. He was elevated to Colonel while commanding 60th Brigade while it's commander was ill. I was kindly informed by Forum member some time ago that in his position as CO of 60th Brigade he almost certainly would have put up staff gorgets on his osd tunic in place of the SLI collar dogs. I have found staff gorgets and GVR Order of Garter buttons and have decided to put them up. My question is regarding the osd cap that he would have worn in his capacity of CO. I assume he would have added a red staff band and staff lion, but don't know about the 'scrambled eggs or fruit salad' on his cap's visor. Most of the caps thus decked out that I've seen were not osd caps, but dress caps with leather visors. Can someone please help me out?

Second is for Major (temp) Fitzroy 2/RWF. I have his osd tunic from when he was ADC to the Governor General of South Africa. It has Major's cuff rank and staff gorgets with GVR buttons. I'm assuming his cap would have a red staff band and a staff lion but likewise to Troyte-Bullock, don't know what is osd cap visor would display.

Also assume that chinstraps on both caps would have GVR buttons matching the staff gorgets, and wonder if any cloth visored osd caps had the embroidered leaves or if this was only done on leather visored caps.

Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Bill

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Hello Bill

The pealk of the cap SD was plain. The chinstrap was of brown leather and the buttons of gilding metal.

I am not sure that the advice you received earlier is correct. There is no provision for officers acting temporarily for absent superiors to wear any of the distinctions of their temporary appointment.

However, it would depend on whether a battalion CO, a lt-col, was actually gazetted as a temporary colonel or whether he was simply to be paid at the higher rank rate while so acting, and if so, for how long. You find many cases of this in the Gazette, e.g. "Lieut X to be acting captain for as long as he is in command of a trench mortar battery."


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