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Deal/4077s Herbert Andrew MM


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This is my grandfather I have so far obtained his, Service Record, the London Gazette entry regarding the MM which he was awarded for action in the fighting around Gravelle Windmill which is described in the article posted by KD Tallett in 1997. I would be interested in any further information regarding the RM Med Unit and it's conbtribution in further actions to the wars end.

His service record states that he was awarded a good conduct badge in Nov 17 were these worn as per the Army as an inverted chevron on the lower arm?

Also, in the service recordhe is shown as being in Depot, Blandford was this a home base for the RM Med Unit?

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Welcome to the Great War Forum.

There is some information in 'Britain's Sea Soldiers' by Gen Sir H. E. Blumberg KCB [available as a reprint from the N & M Press ]

See pages 327-330 which cover Gavrelle and the capture of the Windmill

Pages 444-449 cover the Medical Unit Royal Marines [including the information that at Blandford they had their hospital and Training Depot]

There is a list of awards [pages 448/9] including MMs, but I regret that Gen Blumberg's list if not as complete as Mr. Tallett's and Herbert Andrew is not the only recipient who is missing.

In bringing this back to the top, I hope that it will attract the attention of others who may have more information to help you

Good Luck


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Welcome to the forum

I don't have my copy of Blumberg to hand so I'm not sure if this file at Kew relates to the unit you're interested in, but I'm sure a pal will leap in to verify or deny the connection.

ADM 137/3928 Field Ambulance medical Units attached to 63rd (Royal Naval) Division: recommendations for honours and awards. (Includes RAMC and Royal Marines) 1916-1918

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Hi All,

Thanks for your input, still loking to find out where he may have served after the Gravelle action.

Have had some great help from the FAAM which I have contacted since this original post and they inform me that his records are there and what is really good news to me is that his citation is with the records so I'll be able to get the account of that period.

Regarding Blandford that is an interesting fact as I have always associated Blandford with the Royal Signals.

but, should remember from my Arborfield days that all is not so straight forward as the Garrison there housed a Remount unit in the first war.

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Blandford Camp was first opened on the Dorset Downs in November 1914 as the RND base camp for training the first battalions and supporting units. After they went to the MEF/BEF the camp was base for the reserve units of the RND until early 1918 when it became the records office for the new RAF.

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Hi All,

Just to let you all know I received the service papers for my grandfather including his medal citation from those superb people of the Fleet Air Arm Museum.

I suspect the speed of their response was the original digging I did to obtain his regimental number and unit so that they could quickly pick up the trail. The process as I say was quick as they received my e-mail 1 Jun and the docus arrived here in Australia yesterday 17 Jun.

Good hunting to all

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