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Was there a hospital near Wortley?

Stephen Nulty

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I'm tracking down a chap who DoW at home in 1917 and I have a possible candidate for the Death Cert in the Wortley registration district. Before shelling out for the certificate, could anybody tell me if there was a hospital in this RD around 1917.


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You're a gent, much appreciated


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Hello Stephen,

If you are referring to Wortley, Leeds there were a number of Hospitals wthin a 5 mile radius. What was his name and details ?



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Yes, it's Leeds I'm interested in.

The man I'm after is 241027 J Critchley, 1/5th South Lancs., DoW 07.02.1917. He's buried at home in St Helens but the only likely candidate is a chap who died in the Wortley RD around that time. I can't locate a death certficate other than in Wortley.

CWGC seem to have his date of death wrong (07.12.1917 instead of 07.02.1917) and also have him as "James" when his name was "Joseph".

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