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Remembered Today:

SS Edavana

Kevin Stillyards

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Would like any info on SS EDAVANA.

Do you know where there might be a picture?



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Edavana was a British India Steam Navigation Company vessel of 5,284 tons built in 1911. In 1933 she was sold to the to Scindia SN Co., and renamed Jalagopal. Used as a Troopship WW1. On the 8th March 1916, a man of the North Staffs Regt. threw himself into the Tigris at Basra. 5th Engineer W. Hutchings of the Edavana jumped in to try and rescue him but failed to reach him before he sank.Hutchings was awarded the Royal Humane Society Bronze Medal for his act.


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thanks for the info Dave, very helpful.


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  • 8 years later...

I might be a bit late but I have a photo - taken by my great uncle who served with the 2/6th Gurkha Rifles in the Mesopotamia Campaign in 1916-17. I believe the photo was taken in the Shatt-al-Arab waterway in March 1916.

You can see the photo here: http://gillww1.files...-album-p-20.jpg

There are more photos of other ships and boats taken by my uncle at the time here: http://gillww1.wordp...sopotamia-1916/.


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