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Where could I find information on a Red Cross Auxiliary hospital in Springfield, Fife. A house there has a plaque thanking the owners for allowing it to be used as a hospital but I have no further information than that.

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This sounds like the little hospital at Holmfirth that started in a house and expanded into the garden with temporary wartime buildings. It was reported on in the local newspaper from time to time during the war, especially when another extension was added. There was also a report on the closing ceremony in early 1919, and regular lists of names of local people who gave money to support the hospital. It also reported that young Lily Battye collected a total of 7,511 eggs for the hospital during its lifetime, and many other such stories.

I would suspect there will be similar newspaper reports in your area, and there will be copies at the local library. There may also be almanacs from the time that will be worth a look at if they exist.


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