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Arras, Bullecourt and Limont-Fontaine this weekend.


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I shall be visiting Arras and Vimy for the second time this weekend, (although staying in Douai), and hopefully also visiting Limont-Fontaine where a relative won the MC in the last few days of the war. My companion has not visited the area at all previously so we will also be aiming to pay a call at the Wellington Quarries as well as walking some of Bullecourt.

I shall be sporting my Forum badge, and would be delighted to meet up with any pals for a beer or a glass of wine if our varied agenda's permit. Pete and I arrive on Friday morning after the overnight ferry from Portsmouth and will be departing on Monday.


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No rush this weekend then. However if anyone spots two white haired old gits, one sporting a beard AND a forum badge, please say hello.


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