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Can any of the RE experts out there tell me whether a service number can indicate the year of enlistment or unit ?. I am trying to research Sapper Charles Files, on his medal card are the numbers

(T)3393 and 476490. From the LLT I gather that the six digit number was allocated to the 1 (West Riding) Field Company in early 1917. I presume he was already overseas as his earlier number is also on the card, but don`t know when he enlisted or whether he was in any other unit before the 1 WRFC.

Any help much appreciated.

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I often get the impression here that members get info on joining dates by studying the original Medal Rolls at Kew.

Some I have seen on my study visits to Kew,I can't be sure this includes RE, have a column for enlistment dates. Worth a look.


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