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Joseph Judd (Take Two)


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I thought I'd post a new topic on Joseph Judd as the original topic has been sent off at 38 different tangents (by me!), and since I sent it out of control into the depths of the Northamptons I thought i'd better get it back on track.

On the original topic, Lynn (lynlu) asked:

Here is another poser for you experts out there.

My maternal grandfather Joseph Judd was in the Territorial Force Northamptonshire Regiment.

From what my mother remembered he was a Sergeant Major but she was unable to give me any real background information. I don't even have his service number.

Where do I start??

I know he was born in 1896 in Rushden and the family moved to Wellingborough in 1913. She recalled that he went to the Drill Hall in High Street Wellingborough. When war broke out he would have been 18, how can I find out when and where he served.

I have answered Lynn's question to the effect that he was NOT in the Northamptonshire Regiment in the Great War period, but was instead in the King's Royal Rifle Corps.

See 1918 Rushden AVL:


So can any one add anything on 11396 Rifleman Joseph Judd of the King's Royal Rifle Corps, please?

His date of entry is consistent with one of the 4 Regular battalions, so he could well have been in the 4th Battalion thorughout the war in France-Salonika-France?



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His MIC:



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His SWB Roll, M/1618. If you need the full size one let me know.



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Thanks Andy.

These aren't for me. I'm just reposting a new topic, as the last topic got a bit overcrowded with various other relatives of Lynn.


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