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Just wondering if anyone in Guildford knows of a statue of a Major who was killed in the Great War there? And if so, what was his name and details?

Doing a bit of research for a friend whose great-aunt was married to this man - no name I'm afraid - and had heard this story growing up. Regards, JPC

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Not a major but maybe?

Brigadier General

Francis Aylmer Maxwell


The career soldier was born in Guildford and lived at The Grange. He was awarded the Victoria Cross (VC) as a 28-year-old Lieutenant in the Boer War for saving the guns at Sanna's Post under heavy fire. He repeatedly went out from under cover to retrieve the artillery having to give up on the last gun after five sorties. Three years previously Maxwell had received the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) with a second DSO awarded to him posthumously in 1917. He was killed in action by a German sniper at Ypres, Belgium while commanding the 27th Brigade of the 9th (Scottish) Division.

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Not familiar with it but not too far away from the fair city.

likewise! (Sorry IanW, pedant that I am, I have to mention that Guildford, although it does have a cathedral and would like to be one, has yet to be granted city status :o:P )

Guildford Museum ought to know if there is a statue of Francis Aylmer Maxwell or a WW1 major in the area.



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Thank you all for your interesting replies but the possibilites don't seem to match as the great-aunt's surname was Henderson and she was from Dublin. I also feel that there is something amiss in this story as apparently the great-aunt died in poverty in Dublin in the 1930s - which surely would not have happened to the widow of an officer. I will have to re-interrogate my friend.

Regards, JPC

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