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7th Kings Liverpool Regt


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Hello ,can anyone help me with information on my uncle i have just got his marriage cert and it says he was private in the 7thKings Liverpool Regt would like to find out more

if possable his name was Joesph Rathbone Mellor,thank Joyce

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Hi Joyce.

Do you have his Service Number? There are four Joseph Mellors in the King's Liverpool Regt on Ancestry's MIC index, plus one J. Mellor & one Joseph H. Mellor.


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Hi Simon

i dont have his service number ive only just got his marriage cert thats how i found out about the regt the date on the cert says 14july 1915 if thats any help and he was 21yrs old


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Welcome Joyce to the forum unfortunately I can add little to Simon Wilkinson's reply as he says too many medal cards for Joseph Mellor's who joined Kings Liverpool.

His birth details appear to be Joseph Rathbone Mellor born second quarter 1894 in Lancashire volume 8b page 480 do you have his birth certificate already? The details might help to identify him as there appear to be at least one pension record on

Ancestry for one of the four Mellor's already mentioned.

Did he survive the war?

Any more detail such as his wife's name may help one of the experts identify him.

Regards Caroline

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Hi Caroline

i do have his birth cert and his wifes name was Jane whom he devorced i dont no when ,but he went to south Africa to work in the diamond mines

and never came back to England he did keep in contact with one of his sisters which are all died now he was 82yrs old then so hes no longer with us ,hope this helps and thank you both for your help

Regards Joyce

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  • 12 years later...

Hi Joyce


I also have Joseph Rathbone Mellor born 20 May 1894. Married Jane Latham 1914 and then married Mary Alice Armstrong in 1918. There is a newspaper cutting relating to him on BNA. He is showing as 7th Manchester Regiment on FMP.

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Hi @dij0001 and welcome to the forum.


Unfortunately Joyce has not been on the forum since December 2009. However if you reply to this you will them have enough posts to access the forum private messaging system and you can try send her a message that way. If the e-mail address she used to set up her account is still valid, she will get a notification that a message is waiting for her.


To access the private messaging system after replying:-

From a computer \ tablet, hover the cursor over the user name and it will appear as an option.

From a smartphone tap on the user name and then go to their profile.


Hope that helps,


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