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Tank Badge on cap


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My knowledge on British cap badges is very limited and I would appreciate the assistance of any members who can help out. I would like to know if this cap badge is a genuine Great War article or not. I have little or no history on this badge, apart from it was one of my first internet purchases which came out of Canada. It was not so much the badge I wanted but the hat it was on. It has been hinted that the badge is a reproduction, is there any way of telling real for repro for this badge?



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Thanks Brett, Ill have a look.

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The Shoulders of the Crown {ie: where the pearls are} appear to be "sharp" on the corners;which is indicative of the 1970s {& later} repros,It has a "too dirty" appearance ie the dirt is not where it would have accumulated in "history" but looks to be rubbed in to age the piece,as is the applied patina,it isnt where you would expect it to be...especially considering the condition of the cap What little of it can be seen!


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Every lugged one that I have ever seen is a repro. Slidered badges are the correct version but fake ones with sliders also exist.

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Thanks everyone,

Most likely a repro. The badge has two lugs on the rear and not a slider. The badge is also covered in a gold wash, which doesn't seem to photograph particularly well.

Harry, attached is a close up of the 'pearls' of the crown.

Bret thanks for the link to the British badge forum, it is very informative, and somewhat mind blowing - there is so much information there.

I have also included a photo of the badge in natural light.



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