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King's Liverpool Regiment


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I have been passed a copy of the postcard attached and I have managed to identify through the cap badge that these were all young men from the King's Liverpool Regiment from Eastham Village, Wirral.

On the back of the postcard is written that 6 of these young men never returned from the war but there is no record of anyone recording the names of all of the young men. The 2 gentlemen not in uniform are Canon Torr and Richard Allen headmaster of the village school which makes me think that these young men must have attended the school.

I have scoured the newspapers of the time for details of any deaths and have managed to identify 3 of the young men as follows:

Back row standing - 1st left is William Alfred Hollis (known as Alfred) died 23rd April 1917, next to him is Albert Edward Hughes died 30th July 1916 and 4th from the left is Corporal Harry Osterfield died some time between 21st and 28th March 1918.

All of these young men joined up between August and December 1914 and are shown as being with either the 18th or 19th KLR.

Does any body recognise any of the other young men?

I would love to be able to name all of them so that they can be properly recorded so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you



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