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Does anyone know if there is a place to search for details on legal proceedings during the war? Or perhaps, charge sheets etc for prisoners held in military prisons?

My grandfather served a short spell during his time in France but I can't seem to find out what for.

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National archives, the advocate generals department has letters written from a Regiment, to the department requesting information on whether the correct charges have been brought. These were in very large bound ledgers and it was just a case of going through it one by one to get the info I needed. There are also the records of courts martial but I didnt get time to go through them. Just a simple search of the NA catalogue should help, wo95/1053 of the top of my head.

Hope this helps.


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Hello pacmannewry

There are registers of courts-martial in class WO213 in the National Archives.

Details of proceedings have virtually all been destroyed, other than those on capital cases which are in WO71. There are other files from the JAG's Dept in WO72 and WO81 to about 93.

WO95/1053 is one of the General Staff War Diaries of the Canadian Corps, so it is unlikely to help you.


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G'day all

Don't mean to be pedantic but it is good to see COURTS MARTIAL not Court Martials



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