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Looking for A Sullivan


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I have an Arthur/Albert Sullivan in my family tree who was supposedly killed in WW1.

I do not have much to go on as you will see.

His parents names were

William John Sullivan and Harriett Wood

He was born c1884/85 in Enfield max

Cant find Arthur on the 1911 census but have

Albert and the rest of the family living in Walthamstow. Albert was also born in the Enfield area.

Arthur does not leap out at me from the CWGC site and am at a loss where to look next.

Thanks in advance.


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Arthur Charles Sullivan, Born in Walthamstow enlisted in Tottenham while living in Lower Edmonton Middles sex, 8th Bn East Surrey regiment 31/7/18 Killed in action

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Thanks for that MT but by the look of it he would be to young at 18 years old. Arthur would have been nearly30 if his birthdate is correct.

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Having said that, the rest of the info would fit, as they lived and had various children around that sort of area. Will have to dig about a bit more and try and find out when he was born for definate. Seems like they had their last child around 1901 but a lot of them do not show on the 1911 census.

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