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Guests of the Kaiser


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Title: Guests of the Kaiser: Prisoners-of-War of the Canadian Expeditionary Force 1915-1918

Author: Edward H. Wigney

ISBN: 987-1-896979-63-2

Publisher: CEF Books

This is the late Ted Wigney's last published book (2008). As with his The C.E.F. Roll of Honour, Ted lists the 3,835 CEF POW's alphabetically by name, service number, rank, unit, date captured, interment and date of death (if known).

Also included are chapters on prisoners of war by unit and a short biography on the men who managed to escape.

This is a handy research tool for anyone studying the CEF.

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Thank you for the "heads up".

I shall have a look.

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Hi Al

I noticed from your signature one of your great-uncles was a POW. Did a quick check on Arthur; his entry reads (on page 32):

Cannon, Arthur Edwin; 9898; Pte; 3rd Bn; POW Apr. 24/15; Rel Dec. 2/18; SOS Tor Sept. 20/19; died Tor Feb. 22/63


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Mordac, thanks again for the info. After his release, he spent a lot of time in England, recovering his health (which he never truly did 100%) and visiting family. I have a postcard from 1919 to his sister - my paternal grandmother. The front of the postcard is a photo of himself in his 3rd battalion uniform and also of one other person. I don't know if the other person is a friend or relative. The second person's uniform seems to relate to the air force. I should post the photo sometime and ask our experts on the board here to help me ID the other gentleman's unit.

The writing on the postcard is quite fascinating.

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