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Terlincthun cemetery


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Hi Pals,

I have a postcard of Terlincthun cemetery were my Uncle is buried, could anyone give an educated guess to when the pic was taken.

Regards eskimo.


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Based upon absolutely no knowledge, if forced to guess, I'd go for some time in the mid-twenties.

The IWGC headstones are in place, and it looks as if there are three German graves there too (the black crosses to the left)

It is an interesting cemetery to visit. There are Russians, Poles, and all sorts of men buried there. It is an "open" cemetery and so has had some recent additions. There is also evidence of the nazis using parts of it for target practise after 1940.

Sorry I can't be more helpful, but I'll follow the thread with interest.


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I thought that there was a separate Plot for German Graves. In my experience the crosses seen amongst the headstones in these early photos are examples of where the identity of the body is still under investigation or the wording required by the NOK has not yet been sorted. I have not visited this cemetery so could be wrong in this case. I would suggest a mid 1920s date.


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Thanks for the replies, concensus is mid 20's. My uncles grave is 13 graves in, on the left hand side, would be nice to think it's one of the crosses on the picture, but it's difficult to judge.

Attached is a now and then photo taken in around the same place.

King George V did visit Terlincthun Cemetery, Boulogne, 13 May 1922. And said

" I have asked myself many times whether there can be more forceful supporters of peace on earth through the years to come than this huge number of silent witnesses to the horror of war".



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