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6th Wiltshire Regiment

Jo K

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Later in the Spring I want to follow some of the trail that my Great Uncle took with the 6th Wilts. I have a copy of the Battalion War Diary and am a little stuck as to where some of the places mentioned are. I have tried looking on a search engine, but not come up with anything conclusive. They started off in Boulogne, then to 'Argues' (which is Arques), 'Nordausgue' (which I have no clue about), Lambres (which presumably is Lambres-lez-Douai), Haverskerque (ok), Cornet Malo (ok) Laventie (ok), Paradis (The one in the Dordogne region seems to pop up which I know is wrong), and finally Rue de Callioux (?), where my Great Uncle died on the 25th September 1915. I know where his grave is, so that isn't a problem. If anyone could recommend more reading material, where to get trench maps of the Battle of Loos or places of interest which should be visited, I would be most grateful.
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Hello Jo and welcome to the Forum, hopefully you will find lots of help on here for you research.

For my little bit this is the northern part of a provisional trench map for November 1915. Later than the battle yes but the lines had not changed and you can compare this with the official map on Paul's web site. There were not a lot of trench maps at this time.

It looks as if 6th Wiltshires will have attacked, in support of 9th R.W.F. , the trenches at the top of the map.


Hope this takes you a little way forward. If you keep digging away on the Forum there are some super experts on here for this battle who may be able to fill you in with more.


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