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Uniform identification


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I am doing some research into a relation of mine whom we had always been told was in the Royal Navy in WW1. Recently a photo of him surfaced, but he is in what looks like Army uniform. I know very little about WW1 uniforms and was wondering if any one could please help me identify this on. Any information would be grateful. Rank, unit etc.

His name was Arthur Laurence and he was born in 1888


for your help


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Worcestershire Regiment? Company Sergeant Major (or similar)? Post-war?

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Post war, Worcester Regt as stated and the pattern on the cuff is not where insignia has been removed but is a decorative "cuff feature", quite common on senior NCO / officer shoulder rank tunics of the period.



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Have to agree with Trench Trotter on this as during this period even those Army Warrant Officers Class II's were allowed to wear a SD uniform modelled on that of the officers. This privilage was removed at a later date, but I can't think when.

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