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John Horton, Kings Royal Rifle Corp

Susan Horton

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John horton of the Kings Royal Rifle Corp is my husbands grandfather. He was lucky enough to survive the war and lived til maybe the 1960's. I am trying to find out about him if anyone can help.

I have found 4 MIC for John Horton: - a. Rank W.OCL 2 Number 5421. b. Rank Private Number 1549. c. Rank Private Number looks like A or B 1096. Also says deserted. d. Rank Private then underneath Cpl Number 10843.

I thought I would eliminate one or two on the CWGC, but it appears they all survived the war.

I have no enlistment date.

I know he came home injured as my husband said and I have a piccy of him in uniform with crutches.

I have a picture of him with 9 other men, he is sitting in the front row next a man with 1 stripe so I assume John must have been a private and I could possibly eliminate a and d.

He was probably living in Bethnal Green as he was there on the 1911 Census.

If anyone can help I should be grateful.



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Was your husband's grandfather married to Mary Annie Amelia SCARBOROUGH, with children John, William and Minnie?

If so, he was no. A1096, the man who deserted :o

There are extensive service and pension records on Ancestry (send a PM if you want them).


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