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RFA medal rolls/ RGA


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hi all. ive hit a dead end with my great great grandad who served in RFA and RGA. 95239 GNR Ralph Griffiths. i have previously mentioned him. what im interested in is the medal rolls.

1914 star roll 48 page 2 RFA

war and vict medal Roll 227B page 12727 RGA

i know its a long shot but does anyone have these to hand? if not could someone be kind enough to tell me what wo329 reference they are? im hoping that this will give me a battery/unit to work on. as of yet i know nothing of where he served.

best regards


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The RGA one is on the very first page of WO329/302. Unfortunately it does not give a battery only saying RFA and his number 95239, likewise for the whole block. I would guess it is a Hvy battery rather than a Sge Bty though. The RFA 14 star roll I think is WO329/2410 which comes under “Various RFA Artificers and details attached RGA.”

You can easily double check this reference first on site at the NA. Sorry I cannot help more.


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thanks for your replys. there is no mention of Btry on his mic.

paul, ill check that on the NA. if there is no mention on the rolls then i am well and truely at a lose end. cant see how i would find out anymore. thanks for the reference mate, thats helped a lot. he landed 5/11/1914.


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