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Why 2 different service numbers?


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Please forgive me if this has been answered before (I did search, honest). I am researching a family member, Robert F Norman who served in the RGA as Gunner, 135596. His BWM carries this number.

However his MIC has a second service number as well - 630458 Labour Corps. Looking at other soldiers' MICs, I see that multiple service numbers were not uncommon. How did this work? Would anyone who transferred to the Labour Corps receive a new service number?

I had hoped to find out why Gunner Norman transferred from the RGA -wounded, perhaps? However his records are not listed on Ancestry.

Finally, what does "Sub list 26/3714" mean on his MIC ?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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It's actually SWB list 26/3714.

Being pedantic it's actually LC/3714, i.e. Silver War Badge issued off the Labour Corps roll.



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