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Proceedings on Transfer to the Army Reserve


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Just going through a soldiers service record and I wonder what this means -

Looks like Form B 2056 but its hard to make out for sure.

Title -

"Proceedings on Transfer to the Army Reserve"

"7. Position on Roll of N.C. Officers"

"On 1st Transfer" is ticked as opposed to the options On 2nd or On 3rd.



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You need to get hold of a copy of Kings Regulations which does deal with transfer to the reserve in great detail. I'm thousands of miles from my copy or I could have given you the answer you seek. Off the top of my head though, when a regular soldier was serving under his terms of engagement on completion of the "first period of engagement" i.e. seven years he would then be transferred to the Reserve. On the completion of his "second period of engagement" i.e. five years, completing the 12year cycle he was then discharged with no further commitment.

However there were other Classes of Reserve to which he could transfer to so extending his terms of engagement until complete discharge.

Make any sense????

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Make any sense????

Kinda :D

I'll have to have a look for the KR's then.

Cheers Graham.

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