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2nd Lt ? Ernest Harold Sedg(e)wick 3rd Lincs?


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A colleague at work has asked to see if any of you experts out there can help find out anything about his grandfather...

All he knows is Ernest Harold Sedgwick (sometimes known as Harold E SedgEwick). - born July 1886 in Walthamstow area.

They suspect he joined Essex Regt Territorials around 1912.

They 'think' he became a 2nd Lt in 3rd Lincs c Aug 1917?

Can anyone help 'colour in' the picture anymore for my friend?

All help most appreciated.


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Ernest Harold Sedgwick Birth Reg Sep Qtr 1886 Mile End

Son of Joseph Ernest Sedgwick and Sarah Ann Sedgwick (nee Fardell) (married Sep Qtr 1885 West Ham RD)

1891 and 1901Census living in East Ham birt place given as Bow 1911 Census looks as if birth is given as Mile End

1901 Census

519, Romford Road, Forest Gate East Ham

Joseph Ernest Sedgwick, 49, Ventilating Engineer, London Stepney

Sarah Ann Sedgwick, 43, London St George in the East

Harold Ernest Sedgwick, 14, Solicitors Clerk, London Bow

Millicent Una Sedgwick, 11, Essex West Ham

The Address on the MIC for 2nd Lt Ernest Harold Sedgwick, 3rd Lincs Regt is:

519, Romford Road

Forest Gate


Which agrees with the address above per 1901 Census. Entry into France being 27th October 1917

I couldn't locate the commission in the Gazette but did find this notice which may be of interest;

LG 9th May 1919

Notice is hereby given that George Albert Beavan will cease on and from the 24th day of April, 1919, to have any interest in the trade or business of ironmongers, carried on by him in partnership with Joseph Ernest Sedgwick under the name or style of "SEDGWICK AND BEAVAN" at 670, Lea Bridge-road, Leyton, in the county of Essex, his interest having been sold and transferred from that date to Ernest Harold Sedgwick, who will carry on in partnership with the said Joseph Ernest Sedgwick from the 24th day of April, 1919 and will continue to carry on the said trade or business under the name or style of "Sedgwick and Bevan". All debta and liabilities due to or from the said business of "Sedgwick and Bevan" will be received ad paid by the said Joseph Ernest Sedgwick and Ernest Harold Sedgwick. -Dated 23rd April 1919.

G. A Beavan

J. E. Sedgwick

E. H. Sedgwick



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Possible National Archives files:

WO 339/21371 SEDGWICK E H, Lieut 1914-1915

WO 339/91859 SEDGWICK E [1914-1922]

WO 339/77221 SEDGWICK H [1914-1922]

WO 374/61213 SEDGWICK, 2/Lieut H 1918-1921


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Thanks all...

Details forwarded to my colleague....the last 'link' was something he'd posted a while back !

Someone else's story crying out to be known.

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Guest martin_gillham

As the colleague who ultimately instigated the query may I thank you all - it has already provided a more coherent and complete picture than I had before.

Thanks, for the WO references - my next all-too-rare visit to London will need to be devoted to seeking these out.

My previous too-brief visit to Kew had only provided a single reference in the regimental diary (?) of the 1st/2nd Lincs (?) in March, 1918 - and the somewhat frustrating information that a subsequent part of that diary had been lost during the confusion of the German onslaught. I therefore only knew of his actual position on a single day !

Now that I know that my grandfather was present in France from October I will obviously also need to revisit Kew to re-examine the fascinating diary of the unit for their movements and activities.

Thanks again,


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