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Maps of Salonika Campaign


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I've been unable to tie down the position of 99th Anti-Aircraft Section RGA as the description in the War Diary - Harmankoy Daut-Bali Ridge, later Harmankoy Tumulus Daut-Bali Ridge - appears not to relate to anything I can find, even with apwright's able, local assistance. There must have been maps showing the sites of the various AAS as well as the Base Depots, hospitals and so on but where to look?

There are a lot of maps from the campaign in WO 298 and in WO 153 and I could spend hours (days?) at Kew trying to find the right one. That's time I won't have on a one-day trip. WO 298 appears to cover front-line maps and, with 99th AAS being close to Salonika, I doubt if they'd show it. WO 153 looks like it contains other types of map but there are piece numbers from 1005 to 1023!

Is any Pal sufficiently familiar with the maps of the Salonika Campaign held by TNA to thin the undergrowth down a bit for me?


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